Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've got DERI on my calendar

At the beginning of this year, I have some goals I want to accomplish. I've not been very good about making things happen in previous years. I read about an idea I decided to try. Decide what you can do each day in order to make your goals happen and do a little each day. I've also found that if I have too many goals, I tend not to do any of them. If I keep to a few, it becomes much more doable. Five major goals seems to be about my limit.

Here's my big ones:

1. Improve my spiritual life. For now, doing devotions every day will make this happen.

2. Improve my health and get down to a healthy weight. I am making sure I do a little exercise every day to make this happen.

3. Become more successful. I am reading a book about success a little every day.

4. Develop an additional source of income. I am doing a little every day to build up other income sources.

So on every day on my calendar I write at the beginning of the week: D E R I

short for Devotions, Exercise, Reading, and Income and place a checkmark next to each one as I do it. I have not managed to do every one of these every day since I started, but I have been doing them on average 5 days a week, which is a HUGE improvement over previous years.

I ask anyone who reads this try this idea with their own goals and let me know what happens.

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