Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 2013 Goals - Making December 2013 the Thirteenth Month of 2014

I've decided the best way to make 2014 rock is start figuring out what direction I want to go in 2014 and take baby steps to make it happen in December 2013. Kudos to Scott Smith of Motivation To Move for this great nugget of advice on his podcast.

I have also decided I need to have a limit on how many goals I try to track at once. Five is the absolute maximum, three would be ideal. It happens this month that a couple of my goals enforce each other so I think five is alright in this situation.

Here are my five goals:

  1. Workout daily.
  2. Eat healthy more often than not (or "Be more gooder than badder" as Scott would say)
  3. Work on a side project every day (app development and blogging are the main two I'm considering)
  4. Finish version 1.0 of the Bible Trekking app
  5. No unnecessary purchases for myself
I'd like to unpack that last one a little bit now. I've had previous posts about my tendency to impulse buy stuff I don't need and then I go around the house complaining we have too much junk we don't use. Solution: first, stop buying the stuff! Then get rid of whatever I don't use.

If I buy for something else, that's fine - otherwise Christmas shopping would not be allowed. Buying necessities is of course fine. I plan on just adding anything I want to a list and look at it in January and I'll likely be wondering why I wanted all this clutter in my life.

Today I had my first shopping trip with this rule. For some reason I was very tempted to buy a candy bar (which I do occasionally buy at the checkout) and an energy drink (which I normally only buy when I gas up the car).

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