Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 2013 Goals - progress update #1

At the beginning of the month, I had a post about my goals for the month of April 2013 which seems to be going entirely too fast - especially for those late in filing their taxes. Luckily this doesn't include me.

Here is the list of goals I had planned and how I am faring on each of them.

* Work out every day at least 10 minutes - I'm hitting 100% on this one so far. Some days I barely get it in. My 3 1/2 year old daughter absolutely begs to do a kettlebell workout with me. This is not what you could call an intense workout, but it is a work. I'm rotating been that, a walk on the treadmill, Nike+ Kinect, and running outside now that the weather got nicer.

* Eat 80% paleo diet - this is one I'm probably getting right about half the time. Although I am not really tracking exactly what I eat so I couldn't tell you how far off I am for sure. Eating out and bringing junk food into the house for the wife and kids are my downfall here.

* Get down to 195 pounds - I'm down a couple pounds from the beginning of the month. This morning I was down to 200.6.

* Finish reading “Managing Humans” book by the guy who writes Rands In Repose - I had started reading this book last month and got a couple chapters in. So far it's been pretty enjoyable and has some good points. 

Side projects:
* Work on creating something every day at least 10 minutes (blog, writing, programming, websites, anything really) - I've got 100% on this one so far, although some days I don't really accomplish a lot. That is one of my big challenges - with a busy work schedule and kids that want to spend time with their daddy, sometimes I don't feel like I'm getting anything done. In the last week, I decided to prototype an app to see how I'm doing eating Paleo. I got as far as installing the latest version of Rails and setting up a couple scaffolds. Even that is much better than doing nothing because I'm "too busy."

* Read “Your Money or Your Life” book - when cuddling my younger daughter trying to get her to sleep, I have been reading this on my Kindle. I've made it through the first five chapters. The next one is "The American Dream - On a Shoestring" which I'm interested to see what the authors have to say.

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