Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Magic Word

Lately I have learned at work there is a magic word that is really hard to say and I don't use it often enough. It's not the words you'd think - "Please" or "Thank you" or even "I'm sorry." Those words we are taught since a young age - the words and when and where to use them drilled into our skulls to the point that I think everyone knows to use them (even the ones that don't).

I'm thinking of a different word even harder to say for someone who loves to help people. That word?


There's the point where things are just too busy to accomplish everything that you want to do. So you must say "No" to some things. This is going to either be by choice - you prioritize and intelligently pick and chose what needs to get done.

Or it could be more of by default. You try to do everything and just end up running out of time for some things. Who knows what gets done under this second system? It could be what is easiest, what is most fun, what people have yelled at you most to get it done, or just about anything.

I have also realized that I also need to remember this lesson at home, which tends to be a little harder to do.

So what gets done first? Whatever needs to be done to keep major problems from happening - paying bills, keeping the car repaired, etc. Next - whatever keeps making life better and better. Spending time with the kids and wife, learning new things, keeping in touch with friends, etc. Anything outside of those two things will need to fit into whatever time is left.

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